Prevent WordPress file modifications ( updates )

If you asked WordPress webmasters,what is the most significant issue they face managing customer websites? Most of the time their answer is, customers updating the site theme and plugins. While one easy solution is not to provide them with an administration role, sometimes this is not possible for many reasons; from users already having a […]

Export WordPress posts into smaller XML files

Exporting data from and old site into a new site is something that you will have to do someday. WordPress has an export tool that creates an XML file that can be used to import the old posts into the new site. There is two option to export the posts “all content” or by content […]

Remove URL / Website field from WordPress comment form

To remove the “website” field from the WordPress comment form (without hacking it) add the following code to your theme’s function.php file. //Remove comments url field function remove_comment_form_url_field( $field ){ return false; } add_filter( ‘comment_form_field_url’, ‘remove_comment_form_url_field’ );