Red Rock

Pictures for flora and fauna found around Red Rock Canyon in Las vegas Nevada.

CSS: Changing The Default background and Text Selection Color

The text selection CSS3 pseudo-element will allow you to change the default text and background color when the content is being selected. Currently supported by FireFox, Safari, Chrome, IE9+ and Opera support. Browsers that don’t support it will ignore the code. Try it out! on your next project just add the following selectors to your CSS […]

Show user registration time in WordPress

Would you like to see the date a user registered on the website? In this article we show how to display the user registration time in WordPress by adding an additional column to the users page. Column Registration First thing we need to do is register the new column in the users page. You can add this code to […]

Google-plus-like galleries with Image Store

If you are using the Image Store (ImStore) plugin just to display your images and will like to improve the way the galleries display or just like  Google+ galleries look. Here is the tutorial to do it. Here is an example gallery. I am going to start by using the standard gallery page, but and the […]