IOS: Adding icons to mobile-ready websites

When creating a new WordPress responsive themes or any mobile website for that matter, there is one thing you shouldn’t forget, that is to add mobile icons for the iOS devices. This is important for brand consistency and is better way for the user to distinguish the bookmark from other sites. Add the following code within the <header> tag. Notice that we […]

Download large files avoiding out of memory errors

Recently, I was working on a site for one of my customers and I was asked to fix an issue they had uploading and downloading large image files ( 9M+ ). The issue The customer has a shopping cart that allows the user to download ZIP files of the items purchased. User can add as many products as […]

Enter fullscreen mode using javascript

One thing that we had not been able to do before with JavaScript is to allow the user to enter full screen mode with the click of a button, just using JavaScript. That has changed with some of the newer browsers. We had a request a few weeks ago, where the user wanted to display […]