Red Rock

Pictures for flora and fauna found around Red Rock Canyon in Las vegas Nevada.

WordPress search: Filter posts by custom taxonomy

Returning results using a custom taxonomy is easier to do it that it sounds, I will show two ways. The link method The first method I think is the easies because it doesn’t require to buil any form create any fields or try to learn complicated API calls. Here are a few examples, you want to add. Term name: […]

Remove password protected posts from archive pages

In this tutorial we’ll show how to remove password-protected posts from all of the archive pages in WordPress. There is no need to modify the theme, create custom loops or custom queries. We’ll modify the main query created by WordPress using two hooks; then, we’ll show other ways to use the same functions to search posts with a […]

Image Store 3.3.0 RC1

Image Store 3.3.0 RC1 is ready for download! This version is still in development and we don’t recommend that you use it on a live site, please use a test site instead. This version has many changes and improvement, but primarily it improves multisite integration, adds ajax form processing and includes a new customer area they they can save their […]