Día de los muertos 2012

Mexican celebration “Dia de los muertos” ( day of the dead ) 2012 at Sprint Preserve Las Vegas Nevada. A remembrece of friends and family members who have died

Change Post Author/ID on All posts In a Single Pass (MySql)

Here is a small code snippet (MySql query) that will help you change the post author in WordPress. You will need to run this in your database using PHPMyAdmin or command linke. Back up your database before running any of the queries mention bellow. If you tables have a different table prefix make sure that you change […]

Image Store 3.0 RC2.

I applied all changes to the issues submitted for Image Store 3.0 RC1 and other enhancements. I found other issues on the Multisite feature. Please test it on your test servers and If I don’t get any issues in a week I will release the full version to the Image store repository. Image Store 3.0 RC2 Also check […]

Image Store: how to resize the lightbox image

One of the most asked question we receive on setting up Image Store is, how to resize the ligthbox image? so here are the steps in how to do it. First we have to change your image preview size. Go to image store > settings > Image > Image preview size. change the width and height (quality is optional ).  Be […]