San Miguel Arcangel Mission

San Miguel Arcangel Mission National Historical Landmark In San Luis Obispo County, California. Part of the history landscape of route 101

Enter fullscreen mode using javascript

One thing that we had not been able to do before with JavaScript is to allow the user to enter full screen mode with the click of a button, just using JavaScript. That has changed with some of the newer browsers. We had a request a few weeks ago, where the user wanted to display […]

Image Store 3.0 RC1

Finally, after a lot of work and testing Image Store RC1 is here. It includes fixes reported on the  support forum and some much requested new functionality. One of the mayor enhancements is the Rich Text widget button, which will allow you to add ad galleries to post with out really understanding the short-code. You […]

Image Store: Adding additional color options part 1

One of the benefits of using the Image Store plugin is that it provides hooks — base on the WordPress API — that allow you to modify the functionally without having to write the a whole new plugin or miss out on important updates. Today I am going to show how to add additional color options for your images. […]