Día de los muertos 2012

Mexican celebration “Dia de los muertos” ( day of the dead ) 2012 at Sprint Preserve Las Vegas Nevada. A remembrece of friends and family members who have died

How to rollback a WordPress update

So, you just updated WordPress to the coolest, latest version; but you can’t access your website, the site is not working properly, or maybe there are errors showing throughout the website. For the most part, these are issues are caused by a theme or plugin that has not been updated to work with the latest WordPress […]

Image Store 3.1.6 RC1

It has been a few weeks since the last release (v3.1.5) of Image Store, and we have received reports on a few bugs. We have tried address them all in this release, there are not many additional features but we are working on new features like WePay support and image rating. Download Image Store 3.1.6-rc1 Here […]

WordPress Security tips: Avoid getting your site hacked

Here is a check list for your next WordPress installation to improve the changes of the site begin hacked. Change your database prefix “wp_” Don’t use the username “admin” Use a strong password 8+ characters symbols letters and numbers Change the wp_settings.php file permissions to 0644 Whenever possible move the wp_settings.php file one directory up. Install the Login LockDown […]