Disqus comments with Jquery Mobile

Recently, I started a project that required the use of two very popular components, Disqus Comments and jQuery Mobile. I was able to make them work together and decided to write a tutorial to help others trying to implement these two components. The issue Currently Disqus supports mobile devices and loads without any problems in static pages, but there […]

Remove password protected posts from archive pages

In this tutorial we’ll show how to remove password-protected posts from all of the archive pages in WordPress. There is no need to modify the theme, create custom loops or custom queries. We’ll modify the main query created by WordPress using two hooks; then, we’ll show other ways to use the same functions to search posts with a […]

Remove URL / Website field from WordPress comment form

To remove the “website” field from the WordPress comment form (without hacking it) add the following code to your theme’s function.php file. //Remove comments url field function remove_comment_form_url_field( $field ){ return false; } add_filter( ‘comment_form_field_url’, ‘remove_comment_form_url_field’ );