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WordPress: Allow users to upload images by role without a plugin

If you allow guest blogging on your WordPress installation, or you want someone to act as a contributor to your site – by contributor I mean create post for review adding images and files at the same time – some WordPress roles have restriction on file uploads. The most obvious solution is to install a roles […]

HTML5: Set X-UA-Compatible rendering mode validating the document

A  feature added to Internet Explorer 8 (IE8 ), is the ability to change the browser rendering  mode by adding a meta tag <meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”edge” /> inside the document header tag. This is a great feature that allows you to display websites properly, but there is one small problem, adding the tag will break the W3C validation of the website. […]

IOS: Adding icons to mobile-ready websites

When creating a new WordPress responsive themes or any mobile website for that matter, there is one thing you shouldn’t forget, that is to add mobile icons for the iOS devices. This is important for brand consistency and is better way for the user to distinguish the bookmark from other sites. Add the following code within the <header> tag. Notice that we […]