File un-attach plugin – detach WordPress media or attach multiple

Have you ever wanted to attach an image to a post that is already attached to some other post? You will find out that currently the only way to it in WordPress is to upload the same file up again. This not only annoying, but also will also reduce your server space and could increase for hosting cost.

Another irritating that you probably have come across is that have uploaded and attached your media to the post, and then you realize that is not the file that you wanted to attach and realized could have use that file in another post. Currently the only way to do detach the file and reattach it is to delete the file this is to upload it up again.

The File Un-attach plugin solves these issues by allowing you to attach and detach any file from and to any post including custom post types if they allow attachments. The plugin will also allow you to attach a single file to multiple posts.

You can manage the files using the post’s media pop-up window in the gallery tab or you can use the main media library to view all the post that the media is attach to or search for new post to attach the files to.

The plugin was built in response to an idea summited on the WordPress forums. This little plugin will save you a lot of time while managing your media not to mention sever space and money if you are paying for storage. Give it a try and let us know what you think.