Image Store 3.1 RC2

Finally it is here, Image Store 3.1 RC2. First I want to thank everyone that helped test  Image Store 3.1.0 RC1  and sent suggestions for RC2.

Image Store 3.1.0 RC2 Download.
Don’t install this version on live sites, this version is for testing. The release includes fixes base on the user feedback on the RC1 release and the Image store support forum.

Here a list of some of the new features .


  • FULL  HTML5 validation. (front-end)
  • Improved payment security.
  • Gallery tags.
  • Load images by dragging and dropping.
  • Improved images security and image load.
  • Improved tool-bar button
  • View and edit image IPTC metadata.
  • Image Store tools widget


  • Custom color
  • Custom shipping
  • Zero charge ( free images ) using promotions
  • Additional shortcode options
  • Cart page
  • Photo Finishes
  • Color filter options
  • Slideshow navigation location

Please test and report any issues on RC2 in this post. I will try to release the full version as soon as possible.

25 Comments on “Image Store 3.1 RC2

  1. Ryan Beuke says:

    One question i have is the size of the download images.

    The full res image i uploaded to the gallery was 9.59 MB but when i download the image it was 5.59 MB and not the full res.

    Is this tied to the quality setting in the gallery or is there some other process that is down sampling my images? Is it even possible to make it so the users can download the full resolution file?

    Second any idea about whether or not we would implement a counter on the promotions so that they would not be spammed by a user to get more and more images free with different purchases?

    I will continue to Test the RC2 version and give anymore feedback as i come across it.

  2. Ryan Beuke says:

    Additionally on the image download full resolution i have the digital download set at 1000×1000 in the cart but the images are of a different resolution ex 4678×2568

    I also have the “Allow users to download original image if image size selected is not available.” selected.

    Therefore it should know that the image is not 1000×1000 and then present the original image for download?

  3. Ryan Beuke says:

    Another thing i have seen in RC2 is i think the option to remove sepia, black and white from the slideshow is is missing so it cant be removed if you dont want to offer the users a choice of how the color of the image is purchased.

    Also there is no way to select a finish when adding an image to the cart.

  4. Ryan Beuke says:

    Finally the formatting of the headings in the cart and the checkout seem to overlap. Ex Qty and size over lap and unit price, subtotal, delete run together.

    On the page to enter your information for checkout via email or if 0.00 purchased the city, state, zip are not formatted correctly.

  5. Ryan Beuke says:

    Retract my statement on the finishes, they do work, I had not added them to the price list yet.

  6. Hax says:

    download the latest update. Bugs fixed and color filter options added. You will need to downgrade and upgrade for changes to take pace.

    Just a few days for full release.

  7. Ryan Beuke says:

    Using Firefox In the new version of RC2 none of the thumnails or images are viewable in the private gallery. Just have small empty white boxes with the image file name in them. If you click on that it just opens a lightbox window with the message image failed to load.

    Tried to then rescan the folder but get error ”
    Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home/content/06/9217206/html/wp-includes/media.php on line 435″

    Then deleted the gallery, recreated a new one and uploaded more images and got the same thing.

    I tried IE 8.0 and got similar reults but a box with a red X instead.

  8. Ryan Beuke says:

    Forgot to mention i did a complete uninstall from the reset tab in the app, deleted the plugin from plugins and then reinstalled. so it shouldnt have anything to do with downgrading then reinstalling.

  9. Belinda Wright says:

    o see how difficult it would be to integrate password protected albums? What I would like to do is have my galleries be private but accessible for people that have a log in to a certain album which contains the galleries that concern them.

    I think it’s great that you are releasing options for shipping as this is also a problem for me…Will the new shipping option be seperate to the price lists? This would also be good so I can just have one set of shipping prices that can apply across a few different price lists rather than the way it works now where the items ordered determine what shipping options appear.

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