Image Store VS Nextgen gallery and WPeStore

While we agree that Nextgen gallery and WP eStore are very powerful plugins, and each one fits its own purpose, but when combine to be used for a photo store there are not the best solution.

The problem comes from the Nextgen plugin; WP store will process your payments securely, but Nextgen gallery will leave the image path open to the user. The user can just follow the path without going through the payment option download all your images – in fact this is a problem for any downloadable product that you are selling on your site.

Image store solves the problem by allowing you to change the location of the images on the server and hiding the image URL.

Another problem using Nextgen gallery and WP store is that you have to assign a price to each image and this can take hours, image store allows you to create a list an assign the price list to multiple images.

There is has been reported on issues, error, and security problems with Nextgen Gallery.

Download Image store and tell us what you think.
Image store plugin