Mobile javascript events compared to their desktop counterparts

If you are working on a mobile HTML5 website / app you probably want to know what are the javascript events you can use based on the user interaction. Well, here is a list (cheatsheet); bellow is a table comparing the mobile javascript events with their desktop counterparts. The “composed” column shows similar mobile events that may also be triggered.

Action Desktop Mobile Composed
Mouse down onmousedown touchstart
Mouse move onmousemove touchmove
Mouse up onmouseup touchend
Click onclick touchstart + touchend
Double click ondblclick touchstart + touchend + touchstart + touchend
Drag onmousedown + onmousemove + onmouseup touchstart + touchmove + touchend
Mouse over onmouseover touchenter touchstart + touchmove
Mouse out onmouseout touchleave touchenter + touchmove
Tab two fingers
start pinch / zoom
gesturestart touchstart + touchmove
Pinch / zoom gesturechange gesturestart + touchmove
Stop pinch / zoom gestureend touchmove +
Pinch / zoom interruption touchcancel
Rotate device orientationchange

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