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Mediaelements: Add a share button to video elements using jQuery

media elements share button

Here is a quick tutorial in how to add a share button to video elements using jQuery and Mediaelements.js.   HTML5 Video tag First, here is an example as how the video html5 tags should look like. The tag show the minimum attributes required, additional attributes still can be added. Notice the data-url attribute, the attributes […]

Mobile javascript events compared to their desktop counterparts

If you are working on a mobile HTML5 website / app you probably want to know what are the javascript events you can use based on the user interaction. Well, here is a list (cheatsheet); bellow is a table comparing the mobile javascript events with their desktop counterparts. The “composed” column shows similar mobile events […]

Disqus comments with Jquery Mobile

Recently, I started a project that required the use of two very popular components, Disqus Comments and jQuery Mobile. I was able to make them work together and decided to write a tutorial to help others trying to implement these two components. The issue Currently Disqus supports mobile devices and loads without any problems in static pages, but there […]