WestHost: Worst Hosting experience

For many years we have worked with many hosting companies and we have not had a mayor issue with any of them until recently.

For the last couple of months we had our site hosted with WestHost, we moved our sites with them looking for a better performance since our previous hosting service was a bit slow. We made the decision to move to WestHost after doing a bit of research and reading an article by Yoast “The Best WordPress Hosting“.

For the fist 2 months everything worked fine, but than we began to have mayor issues, maybe is because their after-60-days-no-refund-policy.

Out of memory Errors

We had this problems right from the start, this was just beause we were runing the bbPress plugin, we fixed it by increase the php memory limit.

500 Errors

We think this is because the issue mentioned above and the 1g memory limit on the account,  just trying to save a post, view a page, view an image – which should not use 1G of memory –  will result on a 500 error.

Unaccessible admin area (cpanel)

One of the big issues is that all of the sudden we couldn’t access cpanel even though we were able to access our account and billing information. This happend while we were trying to figure out the issues mentioned above. This issue began after the 60 days.

Unaccessible server (SFTP/SSH)

This is really what made us switch service, we couldn’t access the servers for long periods of time; we opened a ticket with their support team and all they mentioned that the issue was our Internet Service Provided, but it wasn’t, we were able to access their site all other sites on the web even our account and billing information, but not our sites.

When we brought this to the attention of the support team, after a few ping and treceroute they said, “I would suggest contacting your ISP for assistance with this.” After looking at the traceroute and we concluded that the problem was at above.net network, ( this is not our ISP ) we replied back to the ticket and they simply closed the ticket with no further explanation.Screen Shot 2013-02-23 at 2.20.57 AM

We finally asked to have our account closed; until now we have not received a refund even though we did not use their service for more than half of the time we paid for. We hope this will help others not to make the same mistake. Happy hosting!!