The “xclusive_color_scheme_options” filter allows to modify the default theme colors. It requires to create a new stylesheet with the same color name (key) in the _css directory. Version 1.1.0+.

A plugin (or theme) can add a filter with the code:

<?php add_filter( 'xclusive_color_scheme_options', 'filter_function_name' ); ?>

The hook is located in the _inc/theme-options.php file.


// apply filter
function filter_xclusive_color_scheme_options( $colors ) {
	$colors['red'] = __( 'Red', 'xclusive' ),
	return $colors;
add_filter('xclusive_color_scheme_options', 'filter_xclusive_color_scheme_options' );

Note: $colors is a array.

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