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    Xpark Media

    Paypal is currently working on expanding the number of IP addresses and moving the PayPal website onto a dynamic range, this will affect user using Image Store with Paypal.

    They are going to start the change on September 29, 2011, these will affect the Image Store sales report and ultimately the Paypal cart. I tested the new url ( October 1, 2011 ), but it is currently not working form me. I have modified the store.php file to work with the new changes but I couldn’t tested.

    If you are having problems with your Paypal account please update Image Store to the latest version (V2.2.2) and download the store.php file and update. The file is located in image-store/includes.

    Please also report your findings and any questions here so that I can make the necessary changes.

    Thank you.

    More information on the PayPal update:

    To stay informed about important updates, follow us on Tweeter.


    Is there any update on the above comment.Please update, we’re struglling to get orders from customers or let us know if there is another way round to sort this issue.


    I am currently having this issue with 2.2.2 but the file you have above just redirects me to your home page. Did this fix the issue also?


    Pls update me or let me know the procedure from where I can accept paypal payments.B’coz currently it’s not working on my local as well as server setup.

    Is this issue related to country-specific? I’m from India.

    After checking out the code I’m getting the $_POST as empty always.

    Can anyone pls look into this and give me a solution?

    Xpark Media

    do you have any cache plugin installed? also try updating to the new version. I not sure if it is country specific

    I could be that paypal has different regulation for your country.

    FYI: this post has been closed if you need to post a question you can always create a new post.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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