Image Store: FAQ

I can’t upload images using flash.
 Try updating flash, or you using a SII server the plugin has not been tested on SII.
What are the requirements to run the plugin
MySQL 5+, Apache 2+, Linux/Unix, WP3.0.0+
When I stall the plugin I get the following error “T_CONST, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION…’}'”
This is because your using PHP4 and this plugin only works with PHP5
The “add to favorites”, “add to cart”, and “colorbox/lighbox” links don’t work.
Make sure that you theme has the ‘<?php wp_footer(); ?>’ function to load the javascript to the front-end.
How do I change the thumbnail size on the front-end for the photo page?
  • Before installing the plugin set the “Thumbnail size”; WordPress admin > settings > media.
  • After the plugin was installed set the “Thumbnail size” and re-scan the gallery folder.
How can I make donation to continue the plugin development?
With the plugin installed navigate to Image Store > settings and click on the donate button.
Goggle Checkout is not accepting payment.
  • There are a few settings that you have to change in you Google account.
  • Google checkout account:
  • Go to settings > integrations
  • “API callback URL” use your site homepage url
  • Check “Notification as HTML”
I am getting out of memory errors, how can I fix it?
add this code define( 'WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '120M'); to your wp-settings.php file, change the memory as needed.
The images are not showing in the front-end
Check the file permissions for the image-store/admin/_key folder.
Can I use the plugin only to manage my images, not like a store?
Yes, under settings > gallery settings check “Disable store features”
Can I use this plugin with “NextGen Gallery”.
NO, there is no integration at the moment.