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    Ok when i installed this pluggin it doesn’t create a “page” in wordpress for you to edit?
    For example it created this page
    but yet i cant edit /galleries. If you go into my secure images to see the photos i upload it has a “sidebar” that causes problems. Because then it smashes everything when you look at the photos and go to shopping cart etc..
    How can i either find this galliers page, or tell it to remove the side bar and use my “full-width” page.
    I have tried to option in settings that says something about default page but that doesnt work?


    For a better example go here
    ID: oxf9OIpxBn2w
    Pass: U2NIliKW

    Xpark Media

    sorry that I took so long to reply but I am have been very busy. I can’t longer see your page, the sidebar has nothing to do with the plugin, you should be able to remove the sidebar by editing your theme or creating a page template for your galleries.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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