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    How do you setup the pricing? For example is it possible to set it up so that
    Package 1 you get one pose only and you get 2 8×10 10 4*6 for $50
    Package 2 you get 3 poses 4 8*10s and 10 4x6s and 20 Wallets $100
    Package 3 Unlimited poses 8 8*10s 20 4*6 etc.. $300

    Something similar to the above? Every time i try to set it up it doesnt work right and it charges way more for the items..
    Then can you also make it so that if they select a package they can then buy individual pics at a certain price?


    Also why is it that when you select multiple items and then add it to your cart… its like a mass order? Can you make it so that if you select multiple images when you click on the add to cart it shows you the images you selected then it lets you select if you want 4*6 or 8*10 etc.. instead of just selecting them all and only getting to select 1 option?


    I’d be happy to pay for a pro-version with some extra features, love this plug-in 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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