WP Plugin Image Store 3.0 Features

Image store 3.0 full release is ready for download – maybe you noticed this in our WordPress update screen – it has a lot of improvements including a faster page load then its previous version and some much requested features like multiple size selection, user email notification invoice, link image to attachment and shortcode CME button.

New Features

For developers here is the list of (Hooks) to allow you to improve, modify and extend the plugin to meet your needs. Here is a full list:

  • API hooks
  • Faster page loads.
  • Multiple size selection.
  • User email notification invoice.
  • Link image to attachment.
  • Remove store features but keep add to favorites functionality.
  • Shortcode CME button (editor toolbar).
  • Full integration with WordPress image upload.
  • Theme examples for image attachment and galleries.
  • Custom payment gateway using Post or Get (payment notice not available).
  • Advanced options for WordPress Multisite.


Multiple bugs were fixed one in particular is the shortcode not displaying on the right location. There is bug a javascript bug reported on 3.0 you can fix it by the downloading the javascript file posted the Image Store Forum or you can wait for 3.0.1 release.


Note that location of the translation files has changed form the plugin folder “langs” to “wp-content/languages/_ims“. Currently you can only download the Spanish translation for 3.0 but you can assist translating it into other languages.

I want to thank everyone that helped test the RC1 and RC2, if you want to be part of the testing group you can follow me on Twitter.