Image Store 3.1 RC1

After a few fixes and new requests and a lot of work Image Store 3.1 RC1 is here. This version is more secure, much faster and SEO, HTML5 friendly.

The main features on this release is the much asked, multiple payment gateways option. Now the customer can decide which service to use to make payments.


Download image Store v3.1.RC1

Here a list of some of the new features.

  • FULL  HTML5 validation. (front-end)
  • Improved payment security.
  • Gallery tags.
  • Load images by dragging and dropping.
  • Improved images security and image load.
  • Improved tool-bar button
  • View and edit image IPTC metadata.
  • Image Store tools widget

Note: full list of fixes and enhancements will be release when we release the final version. Please test and report any issues in this post. Thank you for supporting the Image Store plugin.

18 Comments on “Image Store 3.1 RC1

  1. deadpixelstudios says:

    Can’t seem to get this working. All installed but the admin area is pretty broken at the moment. Currently the image upload/drag and drop/zip upload facility for galleries do not work so am struggling to create new galleries.

    Also all settings appear on a single page and not in their sub sections.

  2. deadpixelstudios says:

    My fault! I stupidly didn’t add the files to my existing version. All seems better now

  3. deadpixelstudios says:

    Was really hoping for the facility to bypass payment for 0 value orders. Am I missing something or is there some code I can apply to check for a zero value

  4. Hax says:


    I am currently working on the “bypass payment for 0 value orders” I give people sometime to give me feedback on 3.1 RC1, I hope I can release RC2 in a week or two and it will include the payment bypass.

    Thank you for the feedback.

  5. Susan says:

    Hello I am testing out this version and so far I have a message at the top of the admin screen saying the following:

    “Please, make image-store/admin/_key readeable”

    Not sure what this is or if it is causing an issue, but wanted to report it.

  6. Susan says:

    I am finding a few more issues with the the 3.1 RC1. Let me know if you would like me to send them to your email direct or list them out here.

  7. Hax says:


    Thank you for helping improve the plugin.

    You can just list the issues here and I wil look at them. The first issue that you reported has been fixed. I am completing RC2 and probably will be release next week.

  8. Hax says:

    @Dariusz you can do it using FTP, and upload it in side the wp-content/plugins folder, remember not to upload it on a live site

  9. Dariusz Sankowski says:

    Well, I don’t know if I have to overwrite the old plugin dir, or install it in another one (or delete the previous version first?). Anyway, whatever I do, i can’t upload new files : ( And one more thing, there’s a bug, when the file’s EXIF / IPTC is encoded in UTF-8 not in latin-1 – it’s in fact WP bug, but you can fix that, by overriding wordpress metadata function

  10. Ryan Beuke says:

    I am seeing an issue where i upload 40 images via the file uploader which all complete however and i see a msg that 4 are published in the uploader but when i publish the gallery it still shows up as 0 images attached.

    If i look at the corresponding folder under wp-content>_imsgalleries>gallery-xxx i see all the photos there. If i try to scan the folder I still get no images.

    I then tried to just publish the gallery with no images inside in attempt to upload the files directly via ftp then scan the folder however publishing a gallery with no images inside does not even create a folder under wp-content>_imsgalleries

    Then when i go to view the gallery which is still empty I am also getting a strange issue where it shows 4 images as favorites when none are stored as favorites.

    Is anyone else seeing this in RC1?

  11. Ryan says:

    Im having another problem with RC1

    When i upload a gallery of 40 images with the word press multi uploader i show on the page that there are 40 posts however when i publish the page none of the images show up in the gallery.

    I checked the wp=content>_imsgalleries and i do see that all the photos uploaded.

    I then tried to scan the folder with no luck

    Again i deleted the gallery and created a new gallery in attempt to just create an emply folder to upload all the images to and scan. After creating the gallery no folder was created to even upload to or scan. I then tried to manually create a folder with the name of the folder in the gallery which i uploaded the images to and then scanned but this didnt do anything.

    Another strange issue i see is for some reason the empty client gallery or any other gallery i create says there are 4 favorites when there are none.

    Is anyone else seeing these problems with RC1

  12. Ryan says:

    I went to settings reset and uninstalled image store, then re-installed the RC1 version but i’m still unable to create the gallery after uploading the images. Any ideas?

  13. rtb1982 says:

    For some reason my posts are not showing up here. Were you able to find anything with the is and password i sent to you for my site?

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