Image Store 3.2.1 RC1

It’s has been a few months since or last Image Store release, we have been working hard implementing new features and make it easier to manage galleries. Also we have addressed a few issues specially the use of JetPack and Multi-language plugins.

One of the mayor change on this version is that Colorbox jQuery plugin is no longer supported. This is to make way to a more mobile-friendly display.

We have adde new option like gallery columns, taxonomy (albums / tags ) display options, image rating / voting.

Please tes it and report any problems in this post, this version is not ready for production / live sites, once it is stable there will be un update trough the WordPress Plugin repository.

Download Image Store 3.2.1 RC1

  • JetPack support.
  • Column control
  • Image Voting / Rating
  • Better customer galleries experience
  • Additional Tag / Albums controls
  • Multi-language plugins support
  • Code clean up
  • PHP notices / warnings fixed


11 Comments on “Image Store 3.2.1 RC1

  1. Drew says:

    I’ve been testing the new version, its looking really good!

    The select button doesnt work on my site, also there is no way to turn off comments (I’ve already got them turned off in wordpress)

    Is there a way to show the buy now area, with a drop down of products – check out this system, I’ve added a demo gallery so you can see what im looking to do 🙂

  2. Drew says:

    Also, on this version could you allow a way to select different pages of images via pagination?

    I added some pagination code directly to store.php but I’m quite sure there is a much much better way to do it…. shows the code 🙂

  3. Drew says:

    Oh, the only reason I want to display the add to cart page directly on the page showing the image is I dont want to select the images with the select button and then do add to cart, only to realise that each photo will be listed the same size….

    If I add 25 images, select add to cart I have to set all 25 as the same size. or select all 25 in the 3 different sizes I want, then go to the cart and remove the sizes I dont want….

  4. Drew says:

    Also, I was wondering if there is a way to link to another plugin for the payment system? I have a plugin designed for WPEC which emails debit / credit card details to the store owner to process payment. (first 8 digits are emailed, all other card details dropped in to a database) I’m happy to share the code with you for that to see if you can integrate it?

  5. Hax says:


    Looks like you completely changed the plugin, or did you create a plugin to work with Image Store?

    I think this is the reason why the select buttons don’t show.
    I you want to show just one image at the time, select the “link to attachment” option in the setting or gallery

    The WPEC will not be integrated to the plugin if you want to integrate a custom gateway it will better if you use the plugin’s API

  6. Hax says:

    one more thing, remember that this version is on the testing face, don’t install it on your live sites.

  7. totallytech says:

    Hey Hax,

    I did a fresh install on a new site etc and those messages above are the errors I got.


    The link shows a totally different script but it has some things I like so would like to try and duplicate them.

    I want to show one image at a time, but I need the order form to display on the page with each single image.

    Do you have documentation for the API? then I can see if I can write code for it 🙂


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