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    hi, I have the same problem with uploading image. The gallery folder is not created automaticly ( I need to do it via FTP manualy).
    When I upload images to the folder via FTP and do Scan in the plugin backend, the thumbnails apper but the pictures don’t when I go the website’s gallery.
    I checked the permision of the image-store/admin/key and wp-content folders and the problem persists.

    Xpark Media

    can you provide a link to your site, thank you


    thanks for quick respond, the web is
    i can send you by e mail the login and password if you need.


    Hi again, I forget to mention that the web is under construction and you have to go to, if you don’t write index.php you will see index.html.

    I’m also having problems with pricing backend section. Each time I try to add a image size or a price list I start getting javascript errors (a lot of them). Can you take a look into this also or It is better open an new thread for this.

    Thank you very much.


    I’ve been testing and testing and finally I can say:

    – All the problems in pricing backend page was due a javascript conflict with other plugin.
    – The single upload feature is still not working, even if I create the folder manually via FTP.
    – The upload in zip format works perfectly. The folder for the gallery is created if it doesn’t exist (so I think that the single upload problem it’s not related with permissions).
    – The “Scan folder” feature works perfectly.


    Henty…. what was the conflict?

    what javascript, what plugin?


    Hhi jackbloom!!
    Cispm contact plugin was causing a lot of javascript errors on differents pages of my site. All the problems I had in ImageStore Pricing backend page was solved when I deactivated Cispm contact plugin.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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