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    Ty for making this plugin first of all. It looks great.

    I installed the plugin, activated it. But it doesnt seem to work properly. And i cannot figure out what i have done wrong. or how to fix. im on my night shift so that may be it hehe

    I have only changed bookmarks to “follow” cus i saw someone else write that..
    but it diddnt change anything..

    i want to make it work like on this website:

    my website is

    so u can compare. these are my settings:


    ty vm 🙂


    Hey again, i figured it out now. Turns out my theme footer.php did not have the ending javascript implementation thing before </body>.. strange, cus it had the header version..

    anyways. it seems to work now, however got a design question.

    when i see the tags-design in this site:

    alle the [TAG] [TAG] etc are aligned to the left.

    on my own website these many
    [TAG] [TAG][TAG] [TAG][TAG] [TAG]
    [TAG] [TAG][TAG] [TAG][TAG] [TAG]
    [TAG] [TAG][TAG] [TAG][TAG] [TAG][TAG] [TAG]
    [TAG] [TAG][TAG] [TAG]

    are centered, which looks kinda funny. how do i align them to the left side? or maybe even force to align to both the edges of the “tabs menu” 🙂


    okay i figured out how i force it to the left side.

    i found the line i needed to change in pop-widget.css

    this was the line before:
    ul.wp-tag-cloud{width:auto;height:auto;padding:5px 8px !important;}

    and after
    ul.wp-tag-cloud{width:auto;height:auto;padding:5px 0px !important;}

    so from 8px to 0px makes the tags from centered go to LEFT in my example. Is there any way to stretch the tags so it also aligns with the right side? thats what im trying now 🙂

    Xpark Media

    We could not access the site to see what could be the problem, but you can change the tags to display as block and change the alignment to right.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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