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    Love the plugin!

    Got a couple of remarks for you concerning the internationalization of it:

    1. In the 1.5.5. download from the WP website, the language files for the already translated languages are not included. Please include them again in the next version.

    2. In the plugin download, there is no .pot file, nor is there one on the languages page on this website. A .pot file serves a a basis for the translations, it helps with updating existing translations and makes it easy to start a new translation.
    As your plugin is registered in the official repository, you can download one there: go to your Admin page there and scroll to Generate POT file.

    3. Hopefully the so generated .pot file will be quite complete as the current translation files are not (a number of phrases, such as “Filter by user id” “Every time user views the post.”, “Recent posts” and more, are currently missing).
    Translators who use a program such a poedit for the translating, will be able to do ‘Catalogue -> Update from .POT file’ to import the new/additional phrases into their translation file and update the translation in a jiffy.

    4. The tab labels both on the front end as well as on the back-end (widget settings) are not being translated properly. I noticed this issue has been reported already (#49750, #47373). I haven’t debugged it completely, but I think it has something to do with the spaces in the phrases and where they are in relation to the <span> tags in the phrase and in the translation files. If you need my help debugging this more properly, please let me know.

    For more info on internationalization of plugins, please have a look here:

    Anyways, I’ve made a translation of the plugin to Dutch based on the translation files on the language page. Could you please let me know where I can send it ?

    Hope this friendly feedback helps. Keep up the good work!



    Xpark Media

    1. languages files are not included with download, you will need to download the language that you need, this is to avoid using user server space.

    2 I think you are downloading the wrong file, check a few languages and all include the .po file.

    3. Not all languages are up to date, contributors have not provided update for the lates version, I think the Spanish version is complete.

    4. This could be because of what I mentioned on item 3.

    5. Thank you for your interest on providing the Dutch translation, you can send it to [email protected]

    Thank you for your feedback.



    1. Server space is cheap, time (to figure out how to get the translations and such) is not… It’s standard practice to include all translations if you host your plugin on And considering we’re currently talking about something like 500kb in server space, I would strongly suggest and advice you to include the language file by default.


    2. I think you are confusing a .po file with a .pot file (which is what I was talking about). The .po files are included in your translation files, the .pot file is *not*.

    The .pot file only contains the strings to be translated and serves as a translation basis/master file.

    A .po file is derived from the .pot file and contains translations of the strings to one specific language.

    When a new version of the plugin comes out, it will sometimes contain new strings. If there is no .pot file, each and every translator will have to manually figure out what strings are new and manually add them to the .po file for their language.

    However if you use a .pot file, this becomes a whole lot easier. You generate a new .pot file for the new version of the plugin. The translators use this .pot file to *automatically* update their .po file to include the new strings (in effect the files are merged to a new .po file by the .po editor program) and the translators can then easily adjust the translation/concentrate on translating rather than figuring out what strings are new.

    I hope this explanation makes it a bit clearer. You may also want to read this explanation for more info.

    WordPress offers a simple way to generate a .pot file from the plugin repository admin page, I strongly suggest you try it out.


    3. As explained in ad2, if you generate an up to date .pot file, this problem should solve itself really easily as translators can then just update their translation based on the .pot file.


    4. Again, automatically generating a .pot file is the first step in trying to debug this as that is the only way we can be a 100% sure that all strings will be picked up corectly. If translations based on a newly generated .pot file are not being picked up, then we look elsewhere for the solution. I’ll gladly help you debug as soon as I see a .pot file.


    5. Dutch translation is on it’s cyber-way to you 😉


    Hope this helps.




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