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    Hi. Stopping by because all of the other “popular post” plugins are absolute garbage. I went through about 10 before I found this beauty.

    It’s perfect. It has tabs and everything. It’s just that “Most Viewed” is not working on “visits” or “views”. I have no caching plugins. I’ve tried fooling around with all of the options. “Most Commented” and the other tabs work splendidly though.

    Please fix it.

    My plugin list of potential conflicts:
    Comment Redirect by Roast
    Cetnextual Related Posts
    Easy Spoiler
    Google AJAX Feed Widget
    Google XML Sitemaps
    K2 Hook Up
    NextGEN Gallery
    Organize Series
    Popular Widget
    Primary Feedburner
    Simple Footnotes
    Subscribe to Comments Reloaded
    Top Commentators Widget
    Wordpress SEO
    Wp Maitenance Mode

    Xpark Media


    You mention that you don’t have any other plugin but I think this is a theme issue, try using the default theme. Also try just re-saving the widget settings specially if you just updated to the new version.

    The plugin uses cookies if you are calculating visits, if not the views should register just by visiting any content. The plugin uses is_single(), is_page(), is_singular() to validate content.



    “Frank”? My name is Reason. You’re going to ignore the person who started this thread and respond only to someone who comments? Not very professional.

    Please stop making excuses and fix this for your users. It’s a plugin issue. It has nothing to do with us. We appreciate your hard-work, but this is painful. It’s not working for either of us, and others too.

    Xpark Media


    Sorry for not repaying directly to you, I figure out both will benefit from my post.
    I will test it and if there is a bug it will be fix as soon as I can.


    Hax —

    I think the problem with Most Viewed posts not display is caused by a bad SQL query in the included.php file:

    In the query around line #182 it says: “AND post_date >= ‘$time'”. If you echo $time to the screen, you’ll see that $time is being returned as the current time on the server, thus there are no search results that match the query. The result set will always be 0.

    I believe you need to calculate the a different $time variable based on the “In the last days X days” setting from the widget and update the SQL query.

    I hope this helps. I love the widget otherwise and hope that you can keep it going.



    Ignore my last post! The plugin is working fine…it’s not a problem with the query. I’m using a “in the last days” setting of 30 days and all of my posts were backdated to a date over 30 days ago. Once I changed the X days to 90 days it worked fine.

    I was under the impression that the widget queried for views in the last X days, but it’s just reading a running count # for posts that have a publish date within the timeframe.

    Thanks again for the plugin!!!


    @ Hax

    Thank you for the update with 1.5.1. I love you and you’re a very talented handsome man with a best top posts widget.

    Sorry for making you put up with my anger earlier.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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