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    Sorry for bothering.

    First I click on “SUPPORT” link in the theme page, it shows PHP Error in the webpage. So I write on “REVIEW” instead, but my post is disappeared. Now I found click the “SUPPORT” in the menu, I can run into now.

    The theme is amazing. But I can see in this site, each article in the list have a picture preview. How to make possible to my site with your theme? All my article which with pictures, no preview. It is a important function to me.

    The second problem from me is multi language support. I have do a research, it needs to add “_e()” to each string,add some strings to “functions.php”. then I can creat the .po and .mo file. Seems your theme without the preparation. Can you make it possible?

    I know for a free theme, you have no reason to support so far. But I really love it. Thanks!

    Xpark Media


    Thank you for your feed back. We fix the forum, it should work now.

    To add an image preview to your post you need to use the “feature” image.

    We will check the theme again to see what string we missed and we’ll add the translation functions. Notice that there are more the one function for the translation files you need to use “__;_e;_n:1,2;_x:1,2c;_ex:1,2c;_c:2c,1;_nx:4c,1,2;_n_noop:1,2;_nx_noop:4c,1,2;esc_attr__;esc_attr_x:1,2c;esc_attr_e;esc_html__;”

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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