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    Hello. I installed this widget yesterday and immediately the post counts began. After 24 hours, I have a large concern. The amount of counts on the articles we are posting is unusually large; in fact, the count is impossible. For example, one of our articles registered 3,000+ views today; yet when we checked in Google Analytics, the post had actually only been viewed 14 times. I’m not sure if this is an issue with the plug-in, or how I have the settings?

    Regarding settings; I have no idea what “Public” refers to in the radio buttons and the explanation at the bottom does not clarify it for me.

    Anything you can do to help will be appreciated. TX.

    Xpark Media


    Was this a new post? did you have another plugin doing you pageview count? did you change the “Custom Field”?

    If you were using another plugin and you changed the “Custom Field” you are looking at old entries. The plugin will give you the pageviews since the post was created not just for one day.

    On the plugin we don’t have a “public” option we have views and visits, is this what you need information on?


    I’m sorry, I do not understand all of your questions. You can view our site at

    • We do not have any other plug-in doing page counts.
    • What is the “Custom Field” you are referring to? There is no field labeled “Custom” in your Post Views Count plug-in.
    • On our Homepage, we display the titles (plus 3 lines) of the 10 newest posts. When the user clicks “Read More” they view the full post. Is your plug-in counting every time the post excerpt is seen on the homepage, or only when the Read More link is clicked to view the full post? We only want it to be counted when the Read More link is clicked.
    • I do not see any option for “Views” and/or “Visits”, so I’m confused by this. I do see an option “Check me to avoid counting views for logged members”. I assumed this checkbox means once a member logs-in their post views will not be counted, which makes no sense to me. Since people need t log in to our site to read the post Why would we not want to count them?
    • Regarding my reference to “Public” there is a list of options under “Select Post Types”. Five of the options have “(Public)” and two of them have “(not Public)”.
    Then there is an explanation. “Public: Whether a post type is intended to be used publicly either via the admin interface or by front-end users.
    Not public: The opposite…”
    I do not understand the use of Public vs. Non-Public, nor do I understand the explanation of this.

    Any clarification you can provide will be helpful.

    Xpark Media


    • The count works only when the user views the full story.
    • “Views” and/or “Visits” are under the display tab.
    • The content types “(Public)” “(not Public)” are content types created by one of your plugins or theme you decide if you want to use them.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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