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    I just downloaded Image Store to manage the cart for my images.

    The behavior I’m expecting is:
    Create album albumA
    Create album albumB and set the parent as albumA. Create album albumC and set the parent as albumA.
    Create Galleries galA, galB and galC. Set the parent of all three galleries as albumB.
    Create album albumD, albumE and albumF. Set the parent of all 3 as albumC.
    So, I now have a top level album albumA, with 2 child albums albumB and albumC.
    Album albumB has 3 galleries galA, galB and galC.
    Album albumC has three CHILD albums, albumD, albumE and albumF.
    Create 2 galleries galD and galE and set their parent as albumF

    When I to to image store, I need to be able to specify albumA so I see the children of albumA – that would be albumB and albumC. If I CLICK on albumB I should see the covers of three galleries, galA, galB and galC.
    If I CLICK on albumC I should see albums albumD, albumE and albumF.
    And if I CLICK on albumF I should see the covers of galleries galD and galE.

    How do I do that? Is there documentation somewhere to tell me how to use the various capabilities of Image Store?

    Xpark Media


    This is not behavior that you can modify by settings. If you know a bit how taxonomies work on WordPress. You can modify the taxonomy template of your theme to achieve the desired results.



    Unfortunately, no, I’m not an expert on the taxonomies of WordPress. Nor do I want to be.

    To be sure I’m clear, are you telling me it’s NOT possible to have a hierarchy of albums (or galleries) a user can drill down through to display the correct gallery of images?

    If all the galleries of all the children of an album ALWAYS display, what purpose does the ability to provide a parent to an album (creating an album hierarchy) serve? I also am unable to find a way to provide a cover image for an album.

    Do I need to create pages for every level of the drill-down hierarchy and only use a single level of album containing the galleries as the lowest level?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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