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    Xpark Media

    Hi there,

    Lets begin to say that the plugin is a clean, fast, and mostly easy thing to understand and to operate.

    But now I have this problem that i can’t find the password or change it. When i click in de admin on the right somewhere up then the screen on the left change but still no pass in view.

    Also I have a dutch language pack and it seems that the placing of the white dots stay in place but our words are longer. This is not that important for me. The password change is. otherwise I generated an album but can’t get in because I have no password.

    Thanks again


    n.b. I wass trying it on another pc with IE and there it works without a hitch. At home it also seems to work on IE. Normaly i’m using Google Chrome. So I have no further problems if I use a different browser. But I like my Chrome so I hope that this will help your work.


    Xpark Media
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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