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    The problem is the Imagestore plugin pagees I have to reload pages for images to show up.
    If I disable Enable Theme AJAX in Kameron theme the images show up. I want to keep the ajax enabled on Kameron theme site and get the ImageStore plugin to load images too. Any suggestions.
    Keep in mind I have really NO code or WordPress knowledge so I need step by step. Please help because I want to use this site for the Panorama Images my son has and this theme works with them, but I also need the Imagestore plug in to work. I bought the Kameron theme for a site for my son. I am working on a site for my son, (using one of my sites that I am not using right now, as a temp site until I get ready to set his site up) have this site page set to under construction so it is not visible on web right now.

    Xpark Media


    Unfortunately the plug doesn’t work at the moment with ajax driven pages. This is because the plugin waits for the page to load to start working, ajax pages have a different behavior

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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