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    It is not producing download ink in the end after payment has been made via paypal.
    Also the download link produce has file with no .jpg/.png/ extension and image size is thumbnail not original one.

    Also Sending receipt to customer via email does not work.

    If there is any way to fix it as this plugin is most suitable for my current client who is photographer.

    Xpark Media

    I just ran a quick test and everything looks fine, I will double check anyway.

    Few thinks to check, this plugin is set to sell shippable and digital products. To allow the users to download the images you need to create downloadable image sizes in your price list.

    Set your sizes to px(pixes) and once you drag them to the price list check the checkbox next to the size name to make the size downlaodable.

    if you are messing the file extension, check your files make sure that they also have file extensions.

    To send email receipt make sure that you have the “Email receipt” checked in the settings > checkout, and remember that it will be email to the customer’s email saved paypal.


    I too had this issue and was really fed up with the plugin….. but after sometime entered in the title box name with file extension…. Due to which the file was Downloaded successfully.

    Though it’s still having lot of issues 🙂 … one of those is we cannot update the title for existing images

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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