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    Xpark Media

    Hi there,

    i was getting through the web to find a easy to manage system to sell images, since a some days i know that i found it. Thank you very much for your great work.

    Right now i have two questions,  would be happy if you could help me out: i am also using the bolty-template (same as on the demonstration), but i dont want to show at the gallery/image detail page the the

    • date of creation
    • name of admin
    • comments
    • social media links

    how can i turn this of for the shopping-area? Additionally,this makes really no sense for me,  i see the english comments-version in the shoppoing-area, even though i tranlated the form within the wordpress template backend into german.

    Second question: css.

    i personally think the font-size, bullets and listings are too small, therefore i would like to change them. where can i edit the corresponding css – or .php , and addionally, which of them ( in the wordpress backend area are dozens of .php pages for the shopping area.  I would like to change the layout for  Album, overview and detailpage .

    Thank you very much .

    kind regards from germany,



    Xpark Media

    comments display are control by the theme, but you can close comments on the gallery too.

    The best way to modify your css is to overwrite the css in the image store using your theme css. That way you can upgrade the image store plugin with no problems. or you can turn off the image store plugin completely and create your own.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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