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    Hi, Let me start by saying I love this plugin!

    Question 1. Is there a place for the end user to register and sign in before placing a photo order, so the site admin has a record of who made a purchase? (other than the automated paypal email)?

    Question 2. I see a customers section… but when I did a test purchase the customer section was still empty. Is this just for the site admin to manually enter clients or should this be automated somehow?

    Question 3. When I did the test purchase I (the buyer) got an automated email/receipt from the site but the amount and order number was blank? Is there something else I need to set up?

    Question 4. On your demo it shows 4 thumbnails across on the “all Galleries” page and on the individual gallery page.. but I can only get mine to show 3 thumbnails across. I see you can set the number of images in a gallery or on a page but not how many thumbnails across. If this is in the CSS can you please let me know exactly where? I’m still learning… :o)

    Sorry for so many questions & thank you in advance for your assistance
    Here’s the site I’m testing it on

    Xpark Media

    Question 1: the only record that you hace currently from the user is the sale receipt, you can create “customer” and assign them galleries but this is not an accurate record of purchase.

    Question 2. this for site admins and if you want to secure multiple galleries for one customers and you don’t want to send multiple passwords

    Question 3. are using paypal or google checkout? for paypal no, but there were a few updates on their system and I had not had time to test them. for google check out it requires SSL on your server

    Question 4. the column are control via css or your thumbnail size, and of course your page width. The best option to change your css is in your theme styles.css just over write the plugin styles. this way you can upgrade the plugin without problems. Or you can disable the plugin css and completely write your own styles. settings > general > Use CSS

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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