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    I have been testing some ecomerce galleries for wordpress , and any of them allows AWS implementation, I mean store all image data form Amazon S3 or similar.

    A photographer can manage more than 50 GB of images, and that amount of data is expensive to be hosted

    There are plugins like amazon-s3-and-cloudfront that allows to manage all image data from S3 Amazon but it only works with default wordpress galleryes options.

    Am I the only one that thinks that can be a grate option ???

    Xpark Media


    This is definitely a great option but also not all photographers use or know how to use S3. We will be working on a addOn plugin to add this feature.


    Actually I am using a specific application to sell my photo works , it is Sytist , a grate tool , has the option for manage all image data for galleries and for selling on Amazon S3 , but it is not WordPress Compatible, no multisite compatible, it is a stand alone application that must be installed on server , no problem about that and works really nice on my cloud vps

    I am photographer but I also give technical support in a photo lab , almost 90 % of clientes has on this days his own web, managed by themselves or by external companies .
    The interesting option that I could give them with the appropriate gallery plugin is to give – rent – sell a personalized WordPress web portfolio- gallery- blog that allows sell their job online, but its a must to store some thousand of files externally from main host.

    So Thanks a lot for your attention .

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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