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    I have a New Feature Request. That is “exclusive/corresponded prices for Images”.

    In current version I need to devide gallery to apply another price group. But, In secured gallery, User have to logout and re-login to go to another secure gallery. And items in the cart will disappear. So Users have to check each times and pay for delivery each time too.

    Solution of my thought:
    There are checkboxes in each image rows (in admin side). You can check some possible prices for images. (in public side) Users can select only prices you checked.

    Above is the most nice for me. and another easier (I guess) solution is below.

    When logged in the secure gallery, If you go to Secure login page(page with short code “image-store secure=1”) again,
    (In current) Redirect to the gallery that now logged in.
    (changed to) Direct “login page” again without redirecting to gallery. (or get selectable for this action)

    I think certain people need this feature.
    Could you consider that?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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